Lucky Color For 2019

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Lucky Color For 2019

Posted by Breton Alexis on Monday, 4 November, 2019 11:19:37

Lucky Colors 2019 is the Year of the Earth element of feng shui, so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and befriend the ruling Earthy energy, it is recommended to wear the colors of the Fire and Metal feng shui elements, which are deficient during this year and will help balance the energy.

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According to the Chinese Horoscope experts, the lucky color to wear for 2019 are white, orange, pink, red and grey. In addition, the specific earth colors can also prove lucky including yellow and brown.

The elements that are periodically deficient during the Chinese year 2019 are Fire and Metal, whose associated colors are respectively red and white. Therefore, the lucky colors to wear for 2019 are colors that symbolize the element Fire (red, orange, pink) and the element Metal (white, golden).

Lucky color 2019 to wear for Gemini An air sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini can be characterised as fast, clever, and full of curiosity. The lucky color for them this upcoming year is red.

Azure blue is your lucky color for 2019. As the color of ocean, azure blue is charming and mysterious, making people can't help to explore, and it symbolizes fortune. In the year 2019, you can expect many coincidences and pleasant surprises if you wear azure blue accessory or clothes. Bright yellow is your lucky color for 2019.